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2023 Convening on IL Black Families

Data For Review (Required)

Front End of the Child Welfare System: A Review of Available Data by Race. Prepared by Meghan Farren and Colton Johnson Taylor of Loyola University Chicago School of Law's Legislation and Policy Clinic. Click the below links to access.

Pre-Reading Materials (Suggested)

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services Data/Information


Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, 2023. Budget Proposal Overview FY 2024

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, 2023. Illinois DCFS Launches Child Welfare Dashboard and Study of Child Protection Services to Increase  Transparency and Accountability. Illinois DCFS, Press Release

Children and Family Research Center, School of Social Work, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in the Illinois Child Welfare System: FY2023 Report

Illinois Child Welfare System Strategic Plan 2023-2025



Aubrey Edwards-Luce, 2022. How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color. The Imprint

David Jackson and Rachel Hinton, 2023. State Officials Sued for Allowing Foster Children to Languish in Juvenile Detention, Illinois Answers Project

Dorothy Roberts and Lisa Sangoi, 2018.  Black Families Matter: How the Child Welfare System Punishes Poor Families of Color, The Appeal

Dorothy Roberts, 2022. Racial Justice: The Clinton-Era Adoption Law That Still Devastates Black Families Today. Slate

John Kelly, UN Committee Suggests the US Change or Repeal Major Child Welfare Policies, 2022. The Imprint

Shereen A. White, Children’s Rights, 2022.  Racial Discrimination in Child Welfare is a Human Rights Violation - Let’s Talk About It That Way

Victoria Copeland and Maya Pendleton, UpEnd Movement, 2022. Surveillance of Black Families  in the Family  Policing System

Vivek Sankaran, 2020. With Child Welfare, Racism Is Hiding in The Discretion. The Imprint,



Alan J. Dettlaff, Kristen Weber, Maya Pendleton, Reiko Boyd, Bill Bettencourt, and Leonard Burton, 2020. It is not a broken system, it is a system that needs to be broken: the upEND movement to abolish the child welfare system. Journal of Public Child Welfare

Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, Children's Bureau, 2023. Field-Initiated Approach to Addressing Racial Bias and Inequity in Child Welfare

American Bar Association, 2022. Resolution 606 and Report, Anti-Black Racism in Child Welfare

Children’s Rights, 2021. Fighting Institutional Racism at the Front End of Child Welfare Systems: A Call to Action to End the Unjust, Unnecessary, and Disproportionate Removal of Black Children from Their Families

Children’s Rights, Angela Olivia Burton, and JMACforFamilies, 2023. Family Separation Is an Urgent   Human & Civil   Rights Issue Response to the United Nations Human Rights Committee Regarding the Fifth Periodic Report of the United States under the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights

deanna y. smith and alexus roane, 2023. Child Removal Fears and Black Mothers’ Medical Decision-making, Contexts

HIna Naveed, (2022).  If I wasn’t Poor, I wouldn’t be unfit. Human Rights Watch

Movement for Family Power, 2020. Whatever they do, I’m her comfort, I’m her protector: How the foster system has become ground zero for the US drug war

Sarah Fathallah & Sarah Sullivan, 2021. Away from Home: Youth Experiences of Institutional Placements in Foster Care, Think of Us

Journal and Law Review Articles

Journa and Law Reviews

Angela Olivia Burton and Angeline Montauban, 2021. Toward Community Control of Child Welfare Funding: Repeal the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 and Delink Child Protection from Family Well-being. Columbia Journal of Race and Law

Ashley Albert, Tiheba Bain, Elizabeth Brico, Bishop Marcia Dinkins, Kelis Houston,  Joyce McMillan, Vonya Quarles, Lisa Sangoi, Erin Miles Cloud, and Adina Marx-Arpad, 2021. Ending the Family Death Penalty and Building a World We Deserve. Columbia Journal of Race and Law

David Kelly, 2022. Comment: The Harm of Indeterminacy, Stanford Law and Policy Review

Josh Gupta-Kagan, 2022. Confronting Indeterminacy and Bias in Child Protection Law, Stanford Law & Policy Review

Mining for Gold (Corey Best, Tiffany Csonka, Christina Romero, and Pasqueal Nguyen),  2023. Nurturing Freedom Dreams Through a Principled Struggle.  Family Justice Journal

Shanta Trevedi, 2019. The Harm of Child Removal, NYU Review of Law and Social Change

Tarek Z. Ismael, 2023. Family Policing and the Fourth Amendment. California Law Review

Print Books

Prnt Books

Alan J. Dettlaff, 2023. Confronting the Racist Legacy of the American Child Welfare System. Oxford University Press.

Diane Redleaf, 2018. They Took the Kids Last Night: How the Child Protection System Puts Families at Risk. Praeger Press.

Dorothy Roberts, 2002. Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare. Civitas Books.

Dorothy Roberts, 2022. Torn Apart: How the Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families - and How Abolition Can Build a Safer World. Basic Books.

Kelley Fong, 2023. Investigating Families: Motherhood in the Shadow of Child Protective Services, Princeton University Press.

Sara Block, 2022. Together Unbroken: Stories, Law, Practice and Healing at the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child Welfare.  American Bar Association Publishing.

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